Lipozyt’s Solution


So far there exists no truly personalised treatment for type-2-diabetes (T2D).

Patients are submitted to standard “trial-and-error”-procedures. These procedures are designed to find a suitable treatment by systematically testing out different therapy-options over time.

The process of therapy-finding stops when a therapy-option has been reached that gives positive results. However, it is usually not controlled for, whether still better therapy-options are available.

Furthermore, this process of “trial-and-error” can take up to 24 or even 36 months. During this time the chronic disease of T2D progresses and can result in the onset of severe comorbidities.

With its markers Lipozyt will open up new ways to truly personalise diagnosis and treatment of T2D. With its set of mRNA-encoding genes Lipozyt can provide new markers that allow an instant finding of personalised and effective treatment.

Patients which could profit from Lipoyzt’s markers include pre-diabetics as well as newly diagnosed diabetics, non-insulin-dependent diabetics, and, in some cases, insulin-dependent diabetics.