Lipozyt Marker


Lipozyt Marker – a spin-off of the Zentrum für Humangenetik of the University Bremen – focusses on mRNA research to develop new markers for type-2-diabetes (T2D).

Lipozyt’s score is to personalise T2D-therapy by grouping patients in therapy-relevant subsets according to their individual mRNA-profile.

Lipozyt’s goal is to provide the innovative marker-tests needed to open the doors to personalised treatment of type-2-diabetes (T2D).

This assay forms the basis for individual markers that can give validated answers to specific questions. So far two markers are designed:

  • Dia2-Check to enable better and more differentiated diagnosis of the causes of an individual patient’s T2D.
  • Dia-Bar-Check to predict whether an individual patient can profit from bariatric surgery (ie. stomach surgery).

The assay can easily be developed into further markers, e.g. for advanced therapy-control or for therapy-adjustment.