The Team

Photo From left: W. Hierneis, H. Thies, M. Klemke, U. Jensen

Why we are different

„Too few ideas find their way from universities to the market.“ Wolfgang Hierneis and Uwe Jensen, with their background in start-up- and technology-management, felt they would like to change that. While actively looking for tantalising ideas they came across research on mRNAs (molecules that regulate the metabolism) done by the ZHG Zentrum für Humangenetik of the University of Bremen in 2014. When they learned the institute will be closed they decide to continue the research in their own company. Dr. Helge Thies and Dr. Markus Klemke, two researchers at the ZHG, where exited by the idea and joined as co-founders.
Together they developed a product idea on marker-tests for the personalised medicine of metabolic diseases based on mRNAs. They worked in „stealth mode” until the innovations, the assay and the product designs had been completed and the intellectual property secured. Prof. Manfred Wischnewsky, head of eScienceLab of the University of Bremen, gave valuable support by providing access to neuronal statistics and machine learning.
During this period the founders built a wide contact network in research, product development and marketing from which they received broad assistance. An important partner is Universitätsklinikum Hamburg-Eppendorf, one of the most renowned university clinics in Europe.

The Team

Wolfgang Hierneis

Managing Director

He has more than 25 years of experience in financial advisory and strategic consultancy with start-up companies and SMEs. Prior to setting up his own business in 1998 he worked with a German private equity firm. He graduated as a master in economics at the University of Hamburg and completed a bank-traineeship.

Dr. Helge W. Thies

Head of Research and Development

He studied biology at the University of Bremen and graduated with a diploma (master) in 2009. After gaining his diploma, he worked as a research assistant for the Center of Human Genetics (ZHG) in Bremen and for a Dutch biotech company. Dr. Thies’ scientific research focused on mRNA analysis with regard to adipogenesis, dysfunctional adipose tissue and mesenchymal stem cell differentiation. He obtained his PhD in biology at the University of Bremen in 2014

Dr. Markus Klemke

Head of Laboratory

He studied biology at the University of Bremen and graduated with a diploma (master) in 2006. Subsequently he worked as a researcher for a biotech company in Bremen, where he performed genetic analyses of different human tumours. Dr. Klemke was the head scientist in a research project for cancer markers in cooperation with a leading, globally acting German biotech company. He obtained his PhD in biology at the University of Bremen in 2014.

Uwe Jensen

Managing Director

He is an expert in national and international R&D processes focussing on start-up and growth companies. Before setting up a consulting firm he worked for state owned companies and in the private oil and gas sector. He got his diploma in physics at the University of Göttingen and was trained in technical impact assessment, environmental protection and energy saving measures.


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