How Lipozyt’s tests work – an indirect approach

Multiple cause of T2D
Type-2-Diabetes (T2D) is defined by elevated blood-glucose levels.
However, there are many causes that can induce this same symptom.
Some causes are found in the adipose tissue, some in the muscular tissue, others in the liver, the digestive system or the pancreas.

Today exists a vast scientific knowledge of these causes of T2D. Based on this knowledge a wide variety of drugs has been invented that can effectively address these causes individually.

Present problems with diagnosis and therapy
It is so far not possible to directly test for the specific causes of a patient’s T2D. The measuring of the symptom of blood-glucoses levels does not give the necessary information on the cause.
Therefore, either therapy stays symptomatic (reducing blood-glucose levels) or finding a causal therapy needs a lengthy and inefficient trialand-error-process, where drugs are tried out on the patient.
Both ways increase the risk for needing insulin and developing comorbidities.

Lipozyt’s scientific foundation
Any individual pathophysiological cause X that leads to elevated bloodglucose levels is associated with a distinct metabolic condition Y (metabolic disorder Y). In simple words: Any cause X leaves an “imprint” Y on the metabolism.
(Note: This distinction between metabolic condition and pathophysiological cause is slightly arbitrary and the relation is in any case interactive. But it gives the idea.)

Lipozyt’s solution
By testing for metabolic conditions and assigning them to therapy relevant subgroups using sophisticated machine-learning algorithms Lipozyt can test indirectly for pathophysiological causes of T2D. As there is a distinct relation between them, Lipozyt can also give direct therapy recommendations as therapies for different causes are already defined today.

Why mRNA?
mRNA control the activity of the metabolism at any moment and are highly responsive to changes in the dynamics of the metabolism. They are an excellent means to analyse the condition of a metabolism at any given moment, in particular in combination with further blood-parameters.

Why Lipozyt’s cluster?
Lipozyt’s patented mRNA-cluster in combination with our neuronal-network-based statistics and machine-learning algorithms is pivotal to analysing metabolic disorders in connection with T2D. Simply said: For analysing causes of T2D this cluster is not everything, but without it everything is nothing.

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