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Type-2-diabetes is a chronic and progressive metabolic disorder. As of today there exists no cure for it. With our tests your doctor can plan a personalised therapy for you, This will give you the best possible chances to delay the intake of insulin and the onset of sequelae.

By the diagnosis "Type-2-diabetes" it is so far only known that you have got the symptom of elevated blood sugar levels. The causes for these elevated blood-glucose levels (of which there is a number of different possibilities) have not been diagnosed and, therefore, cannot be treated in specific manner.
With DiaSquare, your doctor will receive clear information on those metabolic disorders that cause diabetes (high blood sugar levels) with you and can plan a personalised therapy.
With DiaCon your doctor can control the success of this personalised therapy and make any adjustments when needed.

The diagnosis of type-2-diabetes indicates that you have over many years developed insulin resistance and metabolism disorder. In order to stabilize this disorder a systematic and complex therapy is needed. This may make it necessary to adjust your therapy over time. Your doctor may plan any necessary adjustment based on the DiaCon test.

Our test is performed by your doctor on an outpatient basis. In a first appointment he will draw a very small sample of your subcutaneous adipose tissue. This sample-drawing is completely uncomplicated for you. In addition, your doctor will take also a blood draw.
The tissue sample and the blood sample will be sent by your doctor to a lab. Based on the laboratory data submitted to us, we then give a personalized therapy recommendation to your doctor. In a second appointment, your doctor will discuss his definite therapy-plan with you and you can start the personalized treatment right away.

Yes, even if an effective drug has already been found for you, a test could make sense.
On the one hand, there may be a more effective drug for you that has not been identified by the usual procedure. On the other hand, the effectiveness of a drug often decreases after prolonged treatment, so it should be replaced by another.
With the DiaSquare test your doctor will get a therapy-recommendation that is optimally tailored to your personal current state of the disease.

For patients who are not sure if they have early-stage diabetes, we have developed our DiaPro test. The metabolic disorders and insulin resistance leading to type-2-diabetes take a long time before relevant elevated blood glucose levels become identifiable with existing other tests. With our DiaPro we can determine whether your metabolism is already showing dynamics that in the long-run can lead to type-2-diabetes.

Bariatric surgery is an interesting, innovative treatment option for type-2-diabetes. However, not all patients benefit equally from it. There is, therefore, some uncertainty for the individual patient in view of this serious surgical intervention. DiaBar is a decision-making test based on which your doctor will be able to determine whether you can profit from bariatric surgery regarding your type-2-diabetes or not.

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