Diagnostic tests for the personalized treatment of type 2 diabetes

For the first time, the ground-breaking tests of the Lipozyt Marker look beyond the symptom "blood sugar" and enable the breakthrough for personalized medicine for type 2 diabetes.

The implementation of personalized therapies is the most important leverage to postpone or even completely avoid insulin intake and secondary diseases.

  • • Determination of patient-individual causes of type 2 diabetes

  • • Well-founded planning aid for the diabetologist / attending physician

  • • Fast onset of effective, patient-centered treatment

Lipozyt develops innovative marker-tests that allow for greater personalization and greater efficacy in the treatment of type 2 diabetes (T2D).

The AI-based mRNA assays use minimal subcutaneous adipose tissue samples in combination with further blood parameters. Sampling is easy and straightforward and can be done by any doctor in his practice. The tests will be available from autumn 2021.


Diagnostic test for manifest diabetics.


Control test for manifest diabetics.


Diagnostic test for unrecognized diabetics and pre-diabetics.


Decision test for bariatric surgery.

Closing the diagnostic gap

There are many already well described causes that can lead to the symptom of high blood sugar levels. However, the diagnostic chain still has a significant gap, as with an individual patient no inference from this general symptom to the individual cause is possible. Lipozyt Marker closes this diagnostic gap by directly identifying the patient-individual cause of a type 2 diabetes.

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