Lipozyt’s measures a cluster of certain mRNA-encoding genes. The simultaneous analysis of a set of genes allows deeper and more differentiated insights than checking for simple threshold values.

To achieve this complex analysis Lipozyt Marker UG makes use of most advanced statistical methods, based on neuronal networks and self-organising maps belonging to the area of “deep learning”.

Lipozyt has patented these genes (patents in part still pending) for T2D-diagnostics and treatment.

More information on the genes: “Lipozyt’s gene panel”.

Lipozyt has fully developed a frozen test-assay based on minimal samples that can easily and painlessly be drawn by any doctor.

The test is easy to handle, based on common reagents and designed to fit in the workflow of doctors, clinics and laboratories.

More information on the test: “Arbeitsschritte zur Messung der Genaktivität”.



Lipozyt uses highly advanced medical statistics for analysing and interpreting the test results.

The methods use belong to the field of “deep learning” and include neuronal networks and Kohonen-maps (self-organising maps).

Through these advanced statistics, Lipozyt can easily identify therapy-relevant sub-sets regarding the problem in question.

The analyses conducted by Lipozyt have generally shown extremely high validities and outstandingly good values with regard to specificity and significance.