Lipozyt will develop innovative new markers that can help in personalising better and increasing the effectiveness of T2D-treatment.



Dia2-Check is designed to be a novel marker that allows to drastically cut down the diagnostic chain to effective therapy of T2D.

Dia2-Check will identify therapyrelevant subgroups for which personalised treatment-recommendations are possible.

Dia2-Check overcomes the downsides of present long-term and not personalised therapyfinding by “trial-and-error”.



Bariatric surgery (i.e. stomach surgery) proves to be highly effective with some patients (in average about 50%).

Yet, so far there exists no way to predict whether an individual patient can positively profit from this difficult surgical procedure.

Dia-Bar-Check aims to enable the break-through for bariatric surgery (i.e. stomach surgery) as a valid treatment of T2D.

For more information: “Dia-Bar-Check: A new approach”